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There can be no doubt that the internet is a fantastic learning resource and that the tools, services and information accessible there should be available to schools. But it is also riddled with material which is not suitable for the school environment: Protex can protect both staff and students and allow your students to work on the internet safely and securely.

Protex offers significant cost savings over comparable web filtering systems.

Protex is a subscription service which can either be run as a virtual appliance (see below) or bought with hardware supplied and managed by E2BNProtex.

Protex as a Virtual Appliance (e.g. VMWare, VirtualBox) runs on a virtualised Protex filtering server. The Protex Virtual Appliance is hosted on a school server to provide a fully featured web filtering solution.  While the filtering performance of the virtual server is dependent upon the host server the VM can be very easily moved from one server to another as demands require.


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