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E2BN Protex Web Filtering Protects School Staff and Students

E2BN Protex provides a flexible and affordable web filtering system for academies and schools that puts you in control of your pupils Internet access.

Graduated student profiles provide differentiated, age-appropriate levels of protection. This means that you can match the degree of filtering to the age and maturity of the student. The staff profile, being more open, allows teachers the freedom to access the sites that they need for background research. E2BN Protex comes with 16 distinct filtering profiles. Simply match the profile to each group of users.

E2BN Protex gives you control so that you can tailor the filtering experience for your students and staff.  Maybe relaxing the filtering on a particular category such as ‘games’ at lunch and break times. Or perhaps your school community is sensitive to a particular issue. E2BN Protex allows you to modify access to these sites within your school without impinging on users in other academies and schools. And, of course, if you do find a site that you believe should be blocked, or indeed unblocked, you can immediately action this for your own users.

All changes are submitted to our team for consideration as global updates, so you benefit from  changes made in other schools. This is in addition our own management of central lists and settings which are compiled from a range of commercial sources.

Because new sites pop up every day E2BN Protex analyses new content and automatically determines its suitability for the user group.

E2BN Protex gives you control, and saves you time and effort while giving your students the freedom to learn safely and securely.


Protex is a subscription service. It is generally supplied as part of a managed service, but can also be installed on a local server where required.


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