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E2BN Protex Subscription

E2BN Protex is provided as a subscription service which entitles the subscriber to the following:

  • Updates to the E2BN Protex URL lists, a full update every day and updates to changes every 15 minutes during the daytime.
  • Updates and enhancements to the current version of Protex (version 5.1).  Bug-fix updates to the immediately previous version.  This includes updates to the Protex engine, Protex authentication service, user interface and supported filter profiles.
  • Email support for all aspects of the product is included. Where issues arise with other connected systems we will provide guidance, but are not able to provide in depth support for third party systems.
  • License to use the components that are E2BN Protex copyright.


E2BN has made extensive use of open source software in the development of the E2BN Protex service and we abide by the applicable licences including the requirement to provide access to source code where applicable.

The engine used in E2BN Protex V5 is e2guardian.  The source code for e2guardian is licensed under the terms of the GPL, and is available from

Virtual machine images for use with E2BN Protex are provided under the licence of the Linux distribution used (currently CentOS 6.5).

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