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Protex Web Filtering

E2BN's Protex offers a flexible and affordable filtering system that puts you in control of your pupils access to the Internet. Staff and pupils have different filtering profiles - an essential feature for teachers - and subscribing to the Protex service enables your academy or school to tailor the filtering to your own policies.

Protex web filtering is unique in being designed specifically for academies and schools with continuing teacher input and testing. Its list management system allows any user to request changes online. Protex was designed to be very highly scalable - from a single server to clusters of high performance computers.

The Protex filtering system available from E2BN is already providing safe and secure Internet access to over 600,000 learners and library users. This DfE-approved filtering service provides age-appropriate protection from inappropriate content and a strong defence against student attempts to bypass the filter.

All Protex systems are automatically updated with the latest list and software upgrades. Log analysis can provide you with important management information in the drive to protect users, data and systems.


Protex new release...

A new version (v5) of Protex has now been released. This is a substantial rewrite of the core filter engine code and interface. Protex is able to run independently and does not require a caching server - although it can if required. In addition to improved https interception performance the new version can also be used in transparent mode and as a gateway and firewall. Please contact E2BN for more information about the options available.


The demise of YouTube for Schools.

Google have decided to stop supporting YouTube for Schools (YTfS) and E2BN now has confirmation that this will take place from the 1st July 2016.

From that date Protex will stop enforcing YouTube for Schools and switch to enforcing YouTube's “Restricted Mode”.

The official withdrawal notification can be found on the old YTfS pages here: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2695317?hl=en

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