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Online Documentation


The online documentation details the web interface to the Protex filtering system with general instructions on how to manage the local lists, the various authentication mechanisms provided, and how to connect to Active Directory servers for per-user logging and profile assignment.

You can download an overview of how to manage your school's web filtering wth E2BN Protex here.

Request a global list change

Online form

If you want to request that a site or page be blocked then please use this online form. You will need to enter some contact details, the URL involved and your reasons for wanting the change to the lists. In addition you can say which age range you think the change applies to and the category of the site. For example, you may think the site is of an adult nature and should be blocked for all students, or a game which is not suitable for Primary age pupils. We will review the site, make any changes we feel are appropriate and send you an email in reply.

This form can also be used to request that a site is unblocked. However, please note that for unblock requests we prefer you use the form on the block page itself (see below) and that this form is only used for unblock requests if you are using a computer not currently connected to a Protex system (when at home, for example).

Block page form

When Protex prevents a user from seeing a particular web page it responds with a 'block page'. In the middle of the page is a button which, when clicked, links to a form where you can request that the page is unblocked. This is the preferred method for requesting that a site or page is released as the form supplies us with various information including the exact URL and more detailed information of the cause of the block. These details enable us to make a judgement on whether the site is suitable for release or not. In most cases an email from Protex will be sent with the outcome of the request.

E2BN makes no guarantees regarding whether a particular request will be granted or not as all requests are taken on their merit and with regard to our filtering policy. We do, however, start from the idea that the Internet and the tools it provides are both educationally valuable and powerful and should, if consistent with our general policy and the E-Safety of staff and pupils, be available for students to use.

If a user is not happy with the decision they enter into discussion with us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  Academies and schools who use a central LA provided Protex system can request that the LA modify the lists thus overriding the E2BN list.

Of course schools with their own Protex filtering can block and unblock lists locally without recourse to making a request to E2BN Protex. All such local changes are logged centrally and we review these changes to see whether they should be replicated globally: at no time are local changes subsequently modified by global changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are answers to a range of Frequently Asked Questions here.

Contact by email

For general enquiries about Protex and how to purchase/subscribe then please contact the E2BN Protex administration team at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

You can reach the E2BN filtering team at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for technical support issues: installation issues, bug reports, issues relating to integrating Protex into your LAN or Active Directory infrastructure, or to follow up on a previous list change request, for example.

If you only want to request a list change - either to ask for a site to be blocked or unblocked - then please submit a request using the online forms (see above). We do not take list change requests by telephone and cannot guarantee when requests made via email will be seen or processed.


Details of the licences involved in Protex can be found here. Protex incorporates various Open Source tools as well as proprietary code written and owned by E2BN Protex.

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