Assign Profiles to Timebands

This is where you associate a filter profile with a timeband for a particular AD group. Suppose that, for example, user Jay is in the AD group year9. Jay gets the profile MIDDLE by default but at lunchtimes you want him to be able to play games. In this case we want the timeband lunchtime associated with profile E2BN:Middle_with_Games for the AD group year9. This screen will allow you make this association.

Assign timebands_1

Above is the screen you see if no timebanded profiles have been associated with this AD group. The group name is shown in the heading and the default profile is also shown: this is the one that will be used if no timebands are in force at a particular time.

Add Line: to assign a timeband to a profile

Assign timebands_2

The drop-down menu on the left hand side lists all the currently defined timebands. The one in the centre column contains all the filter profiles. Select the timeband and profile you want from these menus. You can now either save the change or click Add Line again to made another assignment.

Assign timebands_3

Note than the left hand drop-down does not list any of the already assigned timebands: this is because it does not make sense to assign multiple filter profiles to the same timeband (remember this screen applies only to users in a particular AD Group) as there would be no way to decide which profile to apply during this time.

Of course several different timebands can be associated with the same profile: for example both break and afterschool could be associated with a with-games profile with no conflict.

Save Changes

Click to save the changes to a file. None of the changes you make will be saved until this button is clicked.

Cancel Changes

Click to re-read the current files - this will re-read the existing saved configuration file so will remove any changes made since the last time Save Changes was clicked.

Up & Down buttons

As the timebands themselves are not necessarily distinct see here it is possible that any one time falls within two or more timebands (break may be included within the lesson timeband, for example) so there must be a method of prioritisation: if two timebands are available then which is acted upon and, therefore, which filter profile is applied? It is the order on this screen which is important: the timebands are searched from the uppermost listed and the first one to match is applied.

Taking the same example: if break (which is included within the lesson timeband) is below the lesson timeband it will never be applied as any time included in break will also be in lesson. In order to make break active it must be listed above lesson.

As a rule of thumb list the most specific timebands at the top and work down to the most general. These two buttons are used to move lines up and down as required.


Click to remove the associated line.