E2BN Protex Web Filtering Service

Thank you for subscribing to Protex.

NOTE: If you have not previously completed the online quotation form then please do so now. Once you have received and accepted the quotation complete the form below.

If you are purchasing ProtexLocal then remember that you also need to purchase a Protex ready server from us.

For ProtexLocalVA you must have a suitable hosting environment and either a real or virtual proxy/cache server available. ProtexLocalVA is available for a number of virtualisation platforms and we will advise on the resources that should be allocated depending upon the size of the site.

To successfully install and configure Protex we need some details about your network so please complete this form fully and accurately. Once completed you will receive an email confirming the details you have supplied. Please check this very carefully and let us know of any errors before attempting to install Protex.

NOTE: Once Protex has been installed users will need to point their browsers at the filtering system on ports 8080 (Students) or 8084 (Staff).