Set up Locations


Use this screen to set up as many locations as required which can then have filter profiles assigned to them. Each location must be named (alphanumeric only) and can either be given a single IP address (to identify a particular computer) or a range of addresses.

The same name may be used more than once if the particular location that is being defined contains more than one discrete IP address or range. Each name defines a single location that will be displayed when you assign a profile to it.

Each location should be distinct, i.e. any particular IP address should only appear in one location.

New Line

Creates a new line.

Save Changes

Saves the currently displayed settings to disk.

Cancel Changes

Reads the current settings file and resets the screen details - any changes made since the last time the Save Changes button was clicked are lost.

Assign Locations to Profiles

Goes to the screen where you can assign filter profiles to these locations.


Deletes a line.