Standalone Login App

A new Login App is now available for Windows and Mac and will soon be available for iOS. (Requires Protex v4.0 or greater)

The Login App easily installs on to the user's device and should be set to run at startup. The App will automatically detect the system proxy and determine if this is set for Active Directory use. If the proxy is not set to the AD authentication port or there is no proxy set the App will provide a warning and the user can then close App. If the proxy setting is correctly set up for AD use the App will either log the user in to Protex automatically if possible and, if not, present the users with a dialog box to to enter their domain credentials.


Once logged in the user has a similar display to the browser logged in window but this is brower independent and will minimise after a few seconds. The screenshot below shows a staff user logged in with the override menu shown.


The Login App has a number of advantages over the browser-based login window.

Windows and MacOSX versions available now and iOS/Android versions will be available shortly.