System Logs


The menu item displays the most important system logs. Each log is displayed in a scrollable window with the most recent entry at the top. The whole page also scrolls.

The logs


This logs when the Protex web-filtering engine is either Stopped or Started (Hard and Gentle). In normal running any changes to the lists (either locally or centrally) will generate a Gentle restart: this makes the change(s) active without causing any loss of service. It normally takes a few seconds for all of the running processes to be restarted: the exact time does depend on the server's load (and thus the number of active processes) with large local authority systems taking longer to complete the Gentle restart. However, there is no loss of service during this time.


Only active if AD/NTLM authentication is being used. It logs interactions between the Protex server and the AD domain.


The Linux /var/log/messages file.


Logs errors in the Apache/httpd process running on the Protex server. Apache is used to serve the admin web interface and the wpad.dat domain if wpad has been configured.


Logs access to the Apache/httpd sites on the Protex server. It should only contain accesses to the web interface and the wpad.dat file if wpad has been set up.