Protex web-interface


To access the Protex web interface use the URL: http://PROTEX-SERVER-IP/protex

Click on the "+" sign to open and close each menu group. This online documentation follows much the same menu structure. Please note that not all menu options described below are available on all versions of Protex. There are differences between the features available on ProtexLocal and ProtexHA, the various versions of ProtexLocal and the local user groups.

NOTE: The Protex menu is designed to work in IE9, Firefox and Chrome but it will not display correctly in IE9's compatibility mode. We recommend using Firefox as the most consistent.

If the menu does not display as shown above then it is likely that IE9's Intranet Settings have been enabled and the page is being displayed in compatibility mode: this is the IE9 default security setting for intranet sites. The exact setting to change depends to some extent on what setting have already been selected but the following options may help find one that works for you.

(1) Go to the Tools -> Compatibility View dialog box to uncheck the item "Display intranet sites in Compatibility View"

(2) Go to Tools  -> Internet options -> Security. Click on Local Intranet then on Sites. In the dialog box uncheck the item "Include all sites that bypass the proxy server".

You may need to reload the page and/or restart IE9 to enable the changes.