Setup Local Rules


This interface is only available on Protex servers with certain configurations - in particular when it is being used as a gateway.

Use this screen to display any currently entered rules and add new ones.

The format of the rules is as follows:

Rule Type     : Dropdown menu, [ ACCEPT, DROP, etc. ] 
SourceZone    : Dropdown menu, [ net, guest, etc. ] 
IP/CIDR       : Optional
DestZone      : Dropdown menu, [ net, guest, etc. ] 
IP/CIDR       : Optional
Protocol      : Dropdown menu, [ tcp, udp, icmp, etc. ] 
Port(s)|Range : Enter single IP or two to create a range  
Comments      : Optional

Once a rule is complete select either Save Changes to write the changes to disk or New Line to add another rule.

The order of the lines is important. When there is more than one line three extra buttons become visible next to each line Up, Down, and Del. These allow you to change the order or delete entered lines. When all the rules are complete click Save Changes.

To make the changes live you will need to do a Protex Hard Restart which will cause some service interruption or select Apply Changes instead and the changes will be activated overnight.